Oh the glamourous life I lead!

Last week, at my regular date with the internal ultrasound machine, I was unable to find someone to look after the boys for me. Usually my husband or mum come along with me and wait in the car with the boys.

So on this day, I had a toddler in the stroller and a baby in the Kozy mei tai strapped to my front. Great. First problem, the “date” room is about the size of a shoebox. The main feature of the room is the giant ultrasound machine, situated about 50cms from the door. To one side of the machine is the ever comfortable “spread ’em” chair which abutts the wall. Directly in front of the machine is the stool for the nurse to sit on during the scan and on the other side of the machine is a rubbish bin for the used sheets. And that is absolutely all there is space for. So in I toddle, bin has to be relocated, stroller has to be jammed down the bin side of the ultrasound machine.


Not enough room to close the door. Lift stroller and angle forward to get door closed. Unfortunately toddler is now in prime position to touch every button on the probably incredibly expensive ultrasound machine.

Shoes and pants then need to be removed, with 10 month old still in tke Kozy, sheet somehow draped to protect my modesty (ha!), while entertaining bored 10 month old and discouraging toddler from touching buttons.

The scans, thankfully, are short, 1-2 minutes tops. And then I am left to reverse the process. Getting pants and shoes on with a 12kg baby on your front is NOT easy!! And then shaking the stroller free from where it has been jammed, preferably without damaging anything, by which time I’m ready to go home for a lie down!

Oh the glamourous life I lead!