A trip to Ikea is one of those things that always seems like such fun when you start it.  And by the end you’re cursing.

I had a truly brilliant brainwave and decided to attempt an Ikea hack and make a play kitchen for my boys for Christmas.  I managed to score the main part on Ebay for $15 and since we were headed in the general direction of Ikea to collect the item thought we’d pop in for the other bits and pieces we needed.

We should never have ventured out of the car, the carpark held all the warning signs, crowded carpark, toddler sleeping in the car and only a single stroller in the boot…it didn’t bode well!  Bravely (stupidly?) we got out of the car and ventured in to the store, 14kgs of reluctant toddler on one hip.

It started well, we meandered through the store, found a couple of little things we needed and made it to the marketplace relatively intact.  That was when we discovered that several of the main things we needed were in the showroom.  Upstairs.  That wasn’t so great.

We fought our way back on to the elevator we had not long vacated, eventually locate the items we needed and headed back towards the elevator.  That’s where things got bad.  Somewhere along the way we managed to turn at the wrong “shortcut” and experienced that horrible sinking feeling when you realise you are walking through the same place you’ve already been.

Both boys then hit their patience wall, briefly appeased them with juice and we pushed on.  The trolley was ditched in rugs and flooring to carry the very much protesting toddler.  And finally after waiting in line for 15 minutes to pay we were out!  Huge sighs of relief all round….until we tried to get out of the carpark.  20 minutes waiting in the queue and we were totally free!!!

Not going back in a hurry!