My darling boys are getting closer and closer each day. And their friendship has exploded now that little Lew is walking.

I’ll admit, when Lew was first trying to get mobile Jack wasn’t too impressed. Lew would stand up and be tackled to the ground as soon as Jack saw him in the guise of a “cuddle”.


This rivalry has given way to to the most adorable affection. These photos were taken yesterday. Lew had just woken from his nap. I brought him into the rumpus room where Jack was sitting on the couch watching In The Night Garden. As soon as Jack spotted Lew he had his arms up asking for “curry curry” (carry).


And 10 minutes ago, Lew was starting to whinge in his high chair. Jack immediately responded with “coming coming coming” and raced over to try and get Lew out of his chair.


I hope their closeness lasts a lifetime. Afterall, there’s no buddy like a brother!