My wee boys sure know how to make their mumma feel loved and missed. I worked last night from 5-10pm. When I got home I said hello to hubby then settled on the couch to unwind.

After a short while I heard “mummy” and Jack came in. He told me all about his time while I was gone, lots of “mummy” and “work” and “Lew”. We snuggled for a little while before I tucked him back into bed. As I was tucking him in he looked at me worried “work?”, “No my darling, mummy isn’t going to work, I’ll see you in the morning”. And off he went to sleep.

This morning I woke to Lew crying, I walked into the hallway just as Lew came around the corner. He spotted me and, still crying, came running toards me with his wobbly little toddler run. Bless his little heart.

I love both my precious little fellows and feel beyond blessed to have them.