So long 2009, can’t say I’m sad to see you go.  2009 has been a rough year for us, family and friends battled illness, some have triumphed, some lost and some are still fighting.  Our marriage had a definite rough patch but thankfully we managed to get through it and we’re now stronger than ever.  The stress of selling/buying/moving with 2 wee children in tow.

Things seem to have started to even out in the last month of the year, so my fingers are firmly crossed for a happier year in 2010.

My resolutions this year are:

Start making healthy a habit, eating right and regular exercise.  Weight loss would be a nice bonus to living well
Sew more – I have 3 patterns on the way, 2 have various tops/skirts/pants/dresses for me and the other is pants/jackets/jumpers for the boys so I can sew their winter play clothes
Live true to myself – no more doing things to keep others happy at my expense
Stop wishing time away, living in the moment rather than looking to what’s to come

And hopefully we will be blessed with a new family member somewhere along the way.

Have you made any resolutions?  What are yours?

Happy New Year to all, may 2010 bring you peace, love and joy.  I’m hoping 2010 sees many friends achieving their dream of having a family.  Much love and best wishes to all.