Does your child do something that you know you really should be discouraging but you let them do it anyway?

Jack (2.5) has taken to sneaking out of bed at night, generally around 10-11pm when I’m still awake. He comes out to the rumpus room, climbs up onto the arm of my recliner and snuggles in. Sometimes he drifts back off to sleep while we’re cuddling, others he watches a little bit of tv with me (generally cooking!) before I tuck him back into bed (or let him snuggle up with hubby and I in our bed).

Of a morning he normally wakes about 5.30-6am, rather than coming in and demanding I make hsi breakfast, he jumps into bed with me and goes back to sleep.

I know night time wakings are something I should be discouraging but it’s become my favourite time of day. The house is quiet and for once he isn’t talking my ear off. I get to enjoy lovely snuggles with my darling boy who spends almost every waking hour moving! And THAT is worth any troubles we may have later on.