Last night, at 1 day past ovulation, I decided to have a bath before bed. We have a lovely big corner spa in our second bathroom, unfortunately at the moment the hoses aren’t connected properly to the spa and the water leaks out of the jets. So when we use the bath we only have a shallow bath which is fine considering we’re under water restrictions at the moment.

Our bathroom has cathedral ceilings with a long narrow window across the very top. Last night it was dusk while I was having my bath and I relaxed back watching the clouds rush past the window. As I look around at the hideous pink walls surrounding me I had a bit of a moment and thought “My daughter will be born in this room”.

Maybe it was instinct, maybe it was wishful thinking, maybe it was the giddy influence of pink walls. But it was special, and it felt wonderful. A baby girl born into my own hands, in my own home, what could be nicer?

In approx 14 days I should know if we had success this cycle, and if so, it will be approximately 9 months until I can tell you if my little moment had merit. Fingers crossed!