5 days past ovulation and counting…..

We had some lovely friends over for a quiet lunch to celebrate Australia Day today. They are 10 weeks pregnant with their first baby so babies were the topic of the day. I got out Jack’s keepsake box to show them his ultrasound photos and sifted through a few of the other items in there.

It’s amazing how quickly you forget. Jack is now a tall, slim, almost 3 year old chatterbox with the most amazing, cheeky, loving personality. Seeing the tiny little outfit he wore home (00000!)

The weeny little name tags that fit on his wrist and ankle

And the beautiful 4D ultrasound images of my precious Lew bear:


The most magical journey. So hard to remember my rambunctious boys as the tiny babes they once were. The magic of growing a baby never fails to astound me. You mean, that tiny little thing grew inside ME?? I made that??? You sure?? I know I’m crafty but geez!

I’m so excited for our friends as they embark on this journey for the first time, excited and envious and wishing, hoping and praying we are blessed again.