6 days post ovulation and counting….

The crazies have set in…oh was that a cramp? Could it be implantation? Oh my are boobs sore? Could just be that I’ve been squeazing them every 2 seconds to check for tenderness….Am I nauseous? Am I tired? Oh am I pee-ing more than usual? Oh the obsessive fun of the two week wait.

So far, I have been quite restrained, for me anyway, and have managed to not test in any way shape or form since my first negative OPK after my positive OPK (follow that?). Those who have followed my journey with babes 1 and 2 would be astounded at my restraint. Those who don’t know me will be thinking I’m a whack job, welcome to the obsessive compulsive side of TTC!

What is making this month a bit harder is that it feels like the first “real” chance we’ve had since starting this journey for a 3rd time. Despite all the cycles, medication, scans and pee-ed on tests, this time, is the first time we’ve had a little bit of advance warning that ovulation was imminent. And is only the 2nd time in this stage of our journey that we have caught a positive OPK. Every other cycle has either slowly wound to a close, or suddenly ended with the unexpected arrival of good old Aunt Flo.

So, 7dpo, pretty sure people have had positives that early, pretty sure…..