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Thommo confiscated my remaining 3 internet cheapie pregnancy tests last night. So now I truly am committed to no testing til Thursday. Well…I don’t have a choice. Not too hopeful this cycle anyway really, our baby making attempts weren’t ideal. Holding off from testing has been surprisingly easy, even before he took my tests.

And in embarassing news, I had a lovely hormonal hissy fit last week, over the most ridiculously inconsequential, not-gonna-tell-you-cos-it’s-too-embarassing thing. Culminated in me tearing up my Clomid prescription. Yes, I am really 13. So I either need to convince my pharmacist to accept a taped back together prescription or ring my fertility specialist and confess and pray he will send me out a new script without having to wait for an appointment. And yes, next time I will leave the repeat in the safe hands of my pharmacist. How embarassing.


Since I’m now 4dpo and therefore, 4 days into the waiting game, my thoughts have turned, of course, to testing.

So, I have decided that I’m aiming to be strong!   Our grocery shopping day next week falls on 12dpo.  The aim is for me to get through this week’s shopping WITHOUT purchasing a test!  I have a 12 day luteal phase on Clomid so by next shopping day AF will be due.

I do have a couple of internet cheapies on hand if the urge gets too much but I will try to avoid them!  In fact, I may give them to my BFF to hold on to for me.  No more giving myself false hope!  And to be honest, I don’t have a lot of hope this cycle, with the boys both sick over the weekend we only managed to get in 3 lots of baby making attempts this cycle, 2 days before positive OPK, day of positive OPK and 2 days after.

No testing until 12dpo or bust!  Well….that’s the plan anyway.  Fingers crossed!

It’s been a rough start to Saturday.  This is how our night went:

12:00  Both boys up wanting mummy cuddles. 

12.40am  Finally get them settled and get myself off to bed 

1.30am  Lewis vomitted. 

2am back in bed

2.30am hubby’s alarm went off and Jack decided it was a good time to come into bed with me

Somewhere between 2.30am and 5am Lewis woke up and I brought him in to bed with Jack and I, not sure what time it was, can’t really remember doing it.

5am both boys up for the day.

7am my mum picks Lewis up for the morning as Jack was going to his first dance class.  Lewis screams blue murder.

8am notice Jack’s ear is looking quite red and swollen.  Get us both sorted and off to the doctors.

9am Doctors.  Jack has in infection in the outer ear which is apparently quite serious, if untreated it can damage the cartilege and cause his ear to crumple.  So he is on oral antibitoics 4 times a day and daily doctor’s visits to monitor it.  If the oral antibiotics don’t work then it’s on to IV antibiotics.

9.30am Supposed to be the start time of Jack’s first dance class but Thommo and I decide to leave it until next week as we don’t want to risk any further damage to his ear.

10am Check email and have correspondence from an Ebay seller regarding a baby gate we’re meant to be picking up today.   They’ve misplaced the brackets to mount it to the wall which makes it useless to us.  Very disappointed, was looking forward to being able to control which parts of the house the boys have access to and when.

I call re-do.  This can’t be Saturday.  Saturday is meant to be fun and nice and all that.  Not meant to be mean and nasty!  So Saturday, my former pal, you can go suck it.

ETA: 1pm Lewis has just been dropped off and is coming down with a cough/cold.  Fabulous.

1.30pm Lewis fell and hit his head on a chair for the second time this week while trying to let himself out the back door.  Another bruise to add to his collection.  And Thommo is worried Lew is coming down with chicken pox.

My OPK was positive this morning so we’ll be getting busy all weekend.  Amongst that we need to go to Cape Schanck to collect a baby gate to keep cheeky little Lew out of mischief and then to Wattle Glen to collect a set of bunks for the boys.

We’ve been planning on redecorating their room for a while now, they currently have delightful peach walls and blue aluminium venetians that are looking a bit worse for wear.  We still have to decide on paint colour but we already have everything else waiting for the paint job!  We’ll be putting up timber venetians, their bedding is blue/red/green, we’ve got hat/coat hooks in a star shape to put up, car wall decals and a couple of little rugs.  So I’m guessing I’ll be hitting up Bunnings this weekend for paint strips.

What have you got planned for the weekend?  Anything exciting?

I just saw Not Quite Nigella’s post on Flipping the Bird bread and thought it was too funny not to share!

Can you imagine the look on your guests face as your served them this?

Head on over to for the recipe and instructions!

So tell me, who would you like to give the bird?

We’ve been in our new home since September and yes we’ve unpacked and hung pictures but we haven’t started making those little touches it needs tro make it our own. And to rid it of the last remnants of the 70’s styles from when it was first built.

To take my mind off to boring waiting portion of the first half of my cycle I’m starting to plan room by room what I’d like to do.

In no particular order, what is currently the study is going to require the hardest work. Everywhere else is mainly painting but in the study we need to pull out the current built in desk and shelves, plaster over an existing doorway (the room currently has 2 doors) and move the built in wardrobe to the wall with the covered over door. Then patch and paint the walls and that will become the boys room.

Our lounge room has lovely wood panelling that I would like to paint over. The trouble is picking a colour, the room has cathedral ceilings and beams, green carpet, beige/cream walls. You can see the burgundy feature wall in the hallway and as a bonus there is also the light blue/grey walls in our entry way. We will have to paint over the feature wall in the hallway because of closing over the door to the study, so we could make that more of a neutral tone and have the wood panelling in a feature colour? Pretty sure I’d rather repaint the whole hallway rather than have to tackle the high walls in the lounge room!

Eventually, I’d also like to rip up the carpet in the lounge room and hallway (carpet in the main thorough fair in the house, not the greatest! idea) and put down floorboards. Thommo isn’t as enamoured with that idea as I am just yet so that’s one for down the track!

Our rumpus room and kitchen are also on the list for a paint job, there’s more wood panelling in the rumpus room and the kitchen/meals is currently yellow.  Our kitchen cabinets are basic white which is great, they’ll just need some nice handles rather than their current plastic ones. Our pantry is fantastic on the inside with the shelf design but it currently has mission brown louvered doors which are immensly attractive as I’m sure you can imagine!  I’m hoping to be able to just change the doors and I’d love to find/have made a cabinet to utilise the wall space above our fridge.

Our deck/pergola is looking sad and sorry for itself, some of the beams are rotten, the deck boards are split and the roofing is disintegrating.  We’re currently duking it out as to what to do to rectify it.  I want to pull it down, redo the pergola and then pave.  Thommo wants to find a way to salvage the deck.  The fight will continue on that one for a while yet I’m sure!

  The room that is currently the boys room needs a paint to get rid of the fetchign apricot it currently is and we have some timber venetians waiting to go up.

Obviously all this isn’t going to happen immediately on a single wage!  The goals for this year are to get the study done, the boys current room done and the rumpus room painted.  I’d like to get the deck sorted before next summer ut that migh be pushing my luck!

Lying in bed watching a dvd late at night. Hear the screeching of tyres. Wait. Listen for that moment of impact, hoping it will be like the million other times when the impact never comes.


There it is.

Your heart stops.

Memories flood back. Memories of accidents where it was your car screeching and biffing. Memories of phone calls in the middle of the night carrying news of loved ones cars screeching and biffing.

Those 5 seconds of noise bring back years of pain and memories. And then you remember. This screeching, this biffing is not you, it is not yours. And your heart starts again.

Today marks 12 months since the tragedy of Black Saturday. On this day a year ago, 173 lives were lost and 2000+ homes destroyed.

My husband had relatives that lived in Marysville, one of the towns worst hit. We spent hours scouring websites and messageboards hoping to find them safe. Sadly, days later, we found out that they were not amongst the lucky ones.

It was a heartbreaking time. Images of devestation and sadness on every channel, on every website, in every paper. So many stories of lives lost, of narrow escapes. A state scarred and never to be the same.

12 months on, those blackened trees are covered in tiny new leaves, but their scars are still visible. Families are rebuilding their homes, communities rebuilding their towns, their scars aren’t as obvious but will always be there.

Whether you were amongst those directly affected or amongst those that could just watch in helpless horror, we were all changed forever that day. And we will never forget.

The perfect antidote to a crappy week, banana pancakes with nutella followed by shopping with 2 wonderful friends. Even better, while shopping, find a shop closing down with nothing priced over $9.95, score! Yay for ending the week on a high note!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend, Clomid starts again on Sunday, are we ready for the rollercoaster again?

To my dearest, ever patient husband,

Thank you for putting up with me for the last week while I’ve been a pms-ing bitch from hell. I know I’ve bitten your head off numerous times, burst into tears frequently and had a ridiculous number of mood swings so thank you for not beating me over the head with a shovel like I would have done in your shoes.

Thank you for looking after me today when AF hit and my heart was aching and the cramps were killer. Thank you for going out to the shops THREE times for me today, this morning for peanut butter, then to KFC for lunch and then to get Nutella for my dinner. Thank you for surprising me with a packet of pain killers especially for periods, not the most traditionally romantic gift in the world , but 10 points for thinking of me and trying to help.

Thank you for letting me vege in bed and the bath this morning while the kids kept you on your toes. And thank you for all the cuddles, they really helped me get through the day.

Love you lots


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