Wow. 3.20pm and today has already been one of the most craptacular in a while.

Started last night really, boys absolutely did. not. want. to go to sleep. No way, no how. Nappies were taken off and thrown several times, wee fella had a huge over tired crying hissy fit. And hubby and I had a blow up. By the time I got the kids settled for the night hubby was in bed so we didn’t get to have our kiss and make up.

I didn’t get to sleep until after minute and expected the boys to sleep in after being awake so late. Wishful thinking. Up before 7am, fun! So then I had over-tired mischief makers on my hands. By 10am I was trying to do washing and they were trying to cook. With my bag of bakers flour. All down the hallway. Put them into their room so I could clean it. Specifically told Jack to not touch nappies. Came back in to 2 nude boys and joy of joys, Lew’s nappy was soiled.

Now, all this is on top of the fact that while Spot has arrived, full flow has not so I’m in this hideous limbo land that is driving me a wee bit insane. I’m hormonal, sleep deprived and heartbroken, so yes, I’m a barrel of laughs to be around.

The topper to my day came about 15 minutes ago. Hubby got an email from his aunty letting him know his cousin’s wife had a baby yesterday. Their 3rd. A little girl after 2 boys. Felt like a kick in the guts.

Vodka needed.