Today marks 12 months since the tragedy of Black Saturday. On this day a year ago, 173 lives were lost and 2000+ homes destroyed.

My husband had relatives that lived in Marysville, one of the towns worst hit. We spent hours scouring websites and messageboards hoping to find them safe. Sadly, days later, we found out that they were not amongst the lucky ones.

It was a heartbreaking time. Images of devestation and sadness on every channel, on every website, in every paper. So many stories of lives lost, of narrow escapes. A state scarred and never to be the same.

12 months on, those blackened trees are covered in tiny new leaves, but their scars are still visible. Families are rebuilding their homes, communities rebuilding their towns, their scars aren’t as obvious but will always be there.

Whether you were amongst those directly affected or amongst those that could just watch in helpless horror, we were all changed forever that day. And we will never forget.