We’ve been in our new home since September and yes we’ve unpacked and hung pictures but we haven’t started making those little touches it needs tro make it our own. And to rid it of the last remnants of the 70’s styles from when it was first built.

To take my mind off to boring waiting portion of the first half of my cycle I’m starting to plan room by room what I’d like to do.

In no particular order, what is currently the study is going to require the hardest work. Everywhere else is mainly painting but in the study we need to pull out the current built in desk and shelves, plaster over an existing doorway (the room currently has 2 doors) and move the built in wardrobe to the wall with the covered over door. Then patch and paint the walls and that will become the boys room.

Our lounge room has lovely wood panelling that I would like to paint over. The trouble is picking a colour, the room has cathedral ceilings and beams, green carpet, beige/cream walls. You can see the burgundy feature wall in the hallway and as a bonus there is also the light blue/grey walls in our entry way. We will have to paint over the feature wall in the hallway because of closing over the door to the study, so we could make that more of a neutral tone and have the wood panelling in a feature colour? Pretty sure I’d rather repaint the whole hallway rather than have to tackle the high walls in the lounge room!

Eventually, I’d also like to rip up the carpet in the lounge room and hallway (carpet in the main thorough fair in the house, not the greatest! idea) and put down floorboards. Thommo isn’t as enamoured with that idea as I am just yet so that’s one for down the track!

Our rumpus room and kitchen are also on the list for a paint job, there’s more wood panelling in the rumpus room and the kitchen/meals is currently yellow.  Our kitchen cabinets are basic white which is great, they’ll just need some nice handles rather than their current plastic ones. Our pantry is fantastic on the inside with the shelf design but it currently has mission brown louvered doors which are immensly attractive as I’m sure you can imagine!  I’m hoping to be able to just change the doors and I’d love to find/have made a cabinet to utilise the wall space above our fridge.

Our deck/pergola is looking sad and sorry for itself, some of the beams are rotten, the deck boards are split and the roofing is disintegrating.  We’re currently duking it out as to what to do to rectify it.  I want to pull it down, redo the pergola and then pave.  Thommo wants to find a way to salvage the deck.  The fight will continue on that one for a while yet I’m sure!

  The room that is currently the boys room needs a paint to get rid of the fetchign apricot it currently is and we have some timber venetians waiting to go up.

Obviously all this isn’t going to happen immediately on a single wage!  The goals for this year are to get the study done, the boys current room done and the rumpus room painted.  I’d like to get the deck sorted before next summer ut that migh be pushing my luck!