It’s been a rough start to Saturday.  This is how our night went:

12:00  Both boys up wanting mummy cuddles. 

12.40am  Finally get them settled and get myself off to bed 

1.30am  Lewis vomitted. 

2am back in bed

2.30am hubby’s alarm went off and Jack decided it was a good time to come into bed with me

Somewhere between 2.30am and 5am Lewis woke up and I brought him in to bed with Jack and I, not sure what time it was, can’t really remember doing it.

5am both boys up for the day.

7am my mum picks Lewis up for the morning as Jack was going to his first dance class.  Lewis screams blue murder.

8am notice Jack’s ear is looking quite red and swollen.  Get us both sorted and off to the doctors.

9am Doctors.  Jack has in infection in the outer ear which is apparently quite serious, if untreated it can damage the cartilege and cause his ear to crumple.  So he is on oral antibitoics 4 times a day and daily doctor’s visits to monitor it.  If the oral antibiotics don’t work then it’s on to IV antibiotics.

9.30am Supposed to be the start time of Jack’s first dance class but Thommo and I decide to leave it until next week as we don’t want to risk any further damage to his ear.

10am Check email and have correspondence from an Ebay seller regarding a baby gate we’re meant to be picking up today.   They’ve misplaced the brackets to mount it to the wall which makes it useless to us.  Very disappointed, was looking forward to being able to control which parts of the house the boys have access to and when.

I call re-do.  This can’t be Saturday.  Saturday is meant to be fun and nice and all that.  Not meant to be mean and nasty!  So Saturday, my former pal, you can go suck it.

ETA: 1pm Lewis has just been dropped off and is coming down with a cough/cold.  Fabulous.

1.30pm Lewis fell and hit his head on a chair for the second time this week while trying to let himself out the back door.  Another bruise to add to his collection.  And Thommo is worried Lew is coming down with chicken pox.