Thommo confiscated my remaining 3 internet cheapie pregnancy tests last night. So now I truly am committed to no testing til Thursday. Well…I don’t have a choice. Not too hopeful this cycle anyway really, our baby making attempts weren’t ideal. Holding off from testing has been surprisingly easy, even before he took my tests.

And in embarassing news, I had a lovely hormonal hissy fit last week, over the most ridiculously inconsequential, not-gonna-tell-you-cos-it’s-too-embarassing thing. Culminated in me tearing up my Clomid prescription. Yes, I am really 13. So I either need to convince my pharmacist to accept a taped back together prescription or ring my fertility specialist and confess and pray he will send me out a new script without having to wait for an appointment. And yes, next time I will leave the repeat in the safe hands of my pharmacist. How embarassing.