I feel like I should be rattling with each step.  My plan this cycle is to buckle down and take all the supplements I had planned.  I’ve always been good at taking tablets but I’ve been struggling to get them down the last couple of months doesn’t help that there’s so many!  This is my current list:

Metformin 2 tablets a day

Calcium and magnesium – 2 tablets twice a day

Evening Primrose Oil (meant to help cervical mucus) – 3 tablets twice a day

Slippery elm (to help my heartburn, lots of damage from constant morning sickness x 2 pregnancies) 1 tablet 3 times a day

Cenovis Pregnancy and Breastfeeding 2 tablets a day

And tomorrow I’ll be chucking in 2 Clomid tablets a day just for fun. 

So if you hear something rattling around, it’s just me.