After my woe is me post last night I recieved this beautiful email from a dear friend today:

Hey beautiful girl,

Your last blog entry really upset me. I hate that you are feeling like you are alone and do not belong. I also hate myself for inflicting my stupid little nuances and freakouts on you, when we have only been at this for a couple of months, and you have had your heartbroken over and over again for over a year.

Just because you already have two beautiful boys does not make you less deserving of a child than a first timer. You deserve to have a hundred children. You have an enormous heart filled to the brim with love, and you should be able to share that love with as many children as possible.

I know over the past couple of years I’ve been a pretty sucky friend. I didn’t get it. I missed the “old” Megs. How stupid was I? The wonderfully strong woman, the wife and mother you have become makes me in awe of you. I want to be just like you. I want to follow in your footsteps.

I know some days are really tough for you and this journey is heartbreaking and soulwrenching and altogether destroying, but in this case I guess the end really does justify the means.

Look at your boys and smile honey, because they are why you are doing this. They make it all worthwhile and they will give you strength to keep doing what you have to do.
Just remember that you are never alone.

Talk to you soon darling.


I have beautiful friends who are ready to pick me up whenever I’m down.  Sure they might make me bawl my eyes out in the process, but my oh my do they make me feel loved, special and walked with.  They might not be able to travel the journey with me, but they sure as heck stand cheering on the side lines. 

And the best bit, I have several of them who look after me so well.  How truly lucky am I?