This cycle is an interesting one, despite very little TTC action (once 3 days prior to ovulation and once the day before) due to unwell littlies, there have been a few “omens” that are possibly giving me more hope than I should have.

The omens revolve around my husband’s grandmother. Friday 19th March was the one year anniversary of her passing. I got my positive opk on the Sunday after. I will be 12dpo and therefore due to test or for AF on my husband’s birthday which was also his grandmother’s birthday.

I was never much of a believer in such things until Lewis was born in 2008. Hubby’s grandfather passed away early afternoon, I went into labour early that evening and Lewis was born 2.5 hours later. My mother believes that when a person passes they open a doorway for another to be born. She was fairly adamant that I would go into labour as soon as she heard of the passing of hubby’s grandfather.

So, omens, signs, doorways…do you believe?