Remember how I was lamenting our lack of baby making efforts and awaiting the arrival of good old Aunt Flo?  Well, funny story, this morning I woke up, temped as per usual. Temp had dropped so I figured I’d go POAS to get it out of my system, get my BFN, have a cry and move on ready for next cycle.

All I had on hand was internet cheapies, figured it wasn’t much of a loss to use one of those so pee-ed in a cup, dipped and waited. Had a quick look at the stick on my way back to bed (did I mention it was 6am?). Had a second look at the stick. WTF?? A line?? Huh???

So rush into the bedroom, shaking, pounce on the bed and wake husband up to tell him I’m off to get a decent test. 15 minutes later I’m back from Safeway with a First Response. Here’s where peeing in a cup comes in handy. Walk straight in the house, rip open the packet, dip and wait.

Anxiously watch the pee cross the little window. The line is almost instant. More shaking. Huge grin. Whole lot of giggling. Text message 2 BFF’s results before telling husband in next room. Priorities.

Walk in to bedroom and wish hubby a very happy early birthday. An early Christmas present is on the way. EDD 13th December. Wow. I’m pregnant.  Squeeeeeeeeee!  Here’s proof: