My stomach doesn’t like it when I’m pregnant. I threw up at least once a day through out both my pregnancies from about 6 weeks onwards. And it’s looking like this one will be the same.

Started last night with my sense of smell being a bit off. Then this morning I had a long list of can’t haves/don’t wants when it came to breakfast. No milk or cheese, no eggs (the smell, urgh!) and I didn’t want toast.

I’m very much feeling the urge to eat well this pregnancy, to nurture myself and my little bean. But it’s really really hard when the smell, thought or texture of food makes you want to hurl.

I settled for a 2 minute noodle sandwich this morning, it was quick and easy and I was starving. But I can rule those off my list of “can eat” now, the slippery texture of the noodles had me gagging. Lunch was some little chicken balls that I had on hand for the boys, the smell of them coming out of the bag and while they were in the oven was too much.

I’m planning on making extras at dinner time so I can have leftovers for breakfast. Now I just need to figure out an easy, healthym, scent free option for lunch and I’ll be right!