Journey to 4!

After weeks of jokes from friends about there being more than 1 baby I started to get a little paranoid. We had an early scan booked for next Tuesday but since hubby was home today we thought we’d try and make it for today.

I rang the radiologist at 9.15am and they said they had an available appointment at 10:20am, which gave me 5 minutes to drink the required 1 litre of water.

I’m fairly certain getting pregnant women to drink that amount of water and hold it for a minimum of an hour before pressing around directly ON their bladder is some kind of modern torture method.

As soon as the radiologist started the scan I could see my nice full bladder, then she moved a little to the left and I could see 2 circles. I immediately thought “Uh oh, all those jokes are coming back to bite us!”. She was quiet for a looooong time and busy scanning. Then she asked if we were planning on keeping the baby, ummmm yes, of course we are, what an odd question! Then she announced, it’s twins! Congratulations you’re having twins!

There was laughter and tears. Both babies are measuring right where they should be and there were 2 beautiful little hearts beating.

A shock, but a blessing. A huge blessing. A whole new journey!