I’m 15 weeks now, twins are growing beautifully and doing everything they should but my oh my is it hard work. Exhaustion is 24/7, morning sickness is daily, sometimes just in the morning and sometimes all day, food aversions are making eating HARD, as is the reflux. Yesterday it honestly felt like something was trying to claw it’s way up my throat.

I have days of feeling heavy heavy heavy in my pelvis, I think it coincides with the twins having a little growth spurt. Sleep is very interrupted with lots of waking and tossing and turning.

But I have started to feel flutters of movement and yesterday I had 2 quite firm kicks so I think it won’t be long until Thommo can feel the babies move too. Those flutters make up for everything and remind me about what all this discomfort is for. We’re going to have 2 beautiful new members for our family, 2 squishy little babies to snuggle and love and watch grow. How awesome is that?