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We’re sick.  It started on Sunday night, the birthday boy woke up screaming after minimal sleep.  A dose of Panadol, lots of cuddles, 2 vomits and 2-3 hours later he was still screaming.   A quick phone call to my mum to get her to watch Jack and we were off to the emergency room.

This may seem a little extreme to some.  But my little Lew is generally a really happy fellow, he gets whingy when teething but Panadol generally sorts that out pretty quick.  He was inconsolable and distressed enough to cause himself to vomit.  There was no fever or any indications of what could be the problem.

We arrived at the emergency room a little after midnight.  It was packed.  After about 30 minutes of waiting the parents of 2 other children waiting decided tohead for home.  We were the only peadiatric case and thought we wouldn’t have to wait too long.   How naive we were.

We were kept entertained during our wait of course.  The best were a woman calling the police because her partner hadn’t been seen (he was however, well enough to stand while she sat) and a man supporting his mate waiting with an injured arm with such gems as “You’ll be waiting for 4-5 hours at least, mate” and my favourite “ask them for some Dencorub, that’ll fix it”.

Eventually, just before 5am, it was our turn.  We were very lucky to get a wonderful doctor, very kind, patient and thorough.   Lew was thoroughly checked over and given a tentative diagnosis of ear infection.  A dose of Nurofen later and my unhappy little fellow was in high spirits (emphasis on the high I’m sure) and busy flirting with everyone who walked past our cubicle.  We were on our way home by 6.30am.

After little sleep all we wanted to do was collapse in bed.  Hubby went off to bed and I collapsed on the couch expecting Jack to wake up at any time.  I woke at 8.45 to a screaming Jack.  In my exhausted non functioning state I woke DH for him to deal with it and went to bed.  I woke at 12.30 to a babe miserable with a sore ear and a toddler with an upset tummy.  Thankfully by the middle of the afternoon the vomiting had ceased.

They’re both still feeling pretty sorry for themselves  and hub and I are still playing sleep catch up, but they’re on the mend!


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